Wow - what a year it's been! With COVID coinciding with my refound love of writing music I've been super-busy writing and recording new songs. With 4 in the bag (Welcome To Now, Stay This Cool, Remember and Waiting To Be Seen) and more in the pipeline there's no end in sight!


Just over a year ago after not playing much and not having written anything new in years I saw an ad on Facebook (of all places) for a small practice amp (a Positive Grid Spark) that caught my interest so I ordered one. It took months to arrive and by the time it had arrived I had already sold both of my guitars and an amp and bought a new guitar and amp and had started playing around with both. I started trying to learn songs by other artists (something that's never interested me much) and about that time hooked up with the bass player from The In Between who had recently moved to CA near me. We jammed a few times using JamKazam, but I quickly tired of that and started writing. Now I spend most of my free time writing, recording and mixing!